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Richland Co Fair
1. As soon as the show is completed for your species, the animal can leave the fairgrounds. (An approved departure time is being discussed and will be shared when approved). 2. If feeder calves are not being sold through the back to the farm sale and you do not wish to participate in showmanship on Wednesday they can leave after the show on Monday. (back to the farm sale date and time is to be determined) 3. All animals must be removed from the fairgrounds by Thursday, August 13th by midnight. 4. Currently there are buy bids(market price) for all species except hogs. 5. The Livestock Committee is allowing exhibitors to sell through the auction ring without selling their project at market price for this year only if you would like to take your animal back home (we understand many of you have made plans for your project not knowing if we would have a fair or not and we would like for you honor those obligations if you made them). Friday, August 7 3:30- Meet at the school to get pens/decorations & set-up at the fair (make sure to get straw) Sunday, August 9th - Noon, Animal Weigh In (All Species, order to be determined). - Go to the Jr. Fair office and get your pass for getting into the fair for the week Monday, August 10th - 8:30am, Poultry Show - Market Chickens-Carson Ringler - 10:00am, Feeder Calf Show-Beef -Jessica Brown, Austin Hendrix---Dairy--Olivia Amert, Jessica Brown, Lillian Kinstle, Grayson Littleton, Elly Motter, Kylee Owens Tuesday, August 11th - 8:30am, Goat Show (showmanship, breeding, and market)--Rylei Baker - 3:00pm, Born and Bred Steer Show - 6:00pm, Market Steer Show-Beef-Jessica Brown, Evan Stuart Wednesday, August 12th - 8:30am, Rabbit Show (showmanship, breeding, market)-Abby Close, Peyton Collins - 8:30am, Beef Breeding Show followed by all Beef Showmanship- (FEEDER CALF SHOWMANSHIP)-Austin Hendrix - 4:00pm, Hog Show (showmanship followed by market)--Austin Barcroft Thursday, August 13th - 8:30am, Lamb Show (showmanship, breeding, market) Friday, August 14th -7:00 am- Take down and wash all pens -Load all pens/take down decorations-return all pens and decorations to the FFA Barn - 9:00am, Livestock Auction at Fairhaven Hall (order is based on the order that the species show during the week...Poultry, Feeder Calves, Goats, Steers, Rabbits, Hogs. - Following the sale of your animal Immediately fill out your thank you card and give it to Mrs. Haydocy. Do not Leave Fairhaven Hall until this is done. ( I will have extras if you need one) or you can pre-write your thank you and have it with you. All you will then need to do is fill in the name and address of you buyer.


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