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Chapter Banquet

This year the Crestview FFA held their 54th annual banquet on Thursday, April 20th to honor the accomplishments the chapter has made throughout this last year. The events of the night consisted of a dinner and silent auction, a student labor auction and then the awards ceremony along with officer installation in the high school’s auditorium.

The night started off with the Chapter's President, Kathy Lehman, and an Alumni member, Andy Motter, warmly welcoming our many guests. First on the agenda was a dinner and the silent auction in the gymnasium of Crestview High School. Next on the agenda was a student labor auction consisting of 18 groups of kids who chose to either plant flats of flowers or provide six hours of labor. In total the student labor auction tallied up $3,225 for their next year's chapter activities.

Following the meal and labor auction, the awards ceremony began with the traditional FFA opening ceremonies. Conducting the opening ceremonies was the 2016-2017 Crestview FFA Officer Team, consisting of President, Kathy Lehman; Vice Presidents Emma Ardis and Brynn Witmer; Secretary, Molly Ardis; Treasurer, Erin Bernhard; Reporter, Kadie Myers; Sentinel, Sarah Stuart; and Student Advisor, Savannah Stuart.

To start off the banquet first presented was the Greenhand Degrees to first year members at the local level. Greenhand are still considered “green” due to their inexperience within the FFA. This year the chapter was proud to announce that 35 members will be receiving their Greenhand Degree including: Jonathan Abshire, Sam Amert, Sage Baith, Will Bolin, Skylar Branham, Logan Burkhart, Brooklyn Campbell, Carley Campo, Adalynn Emmons, Jackson Forman, Stephen Frank, Emily Fry, Kaylee Henthorn, Caden Hill, Cristian Hill, Garrett Hunt, Levi Kibler, Lilian Kinstle, Kolton Kissel, Cassidy Loughman, Sierra May, Eden McFarland, Alexis McWhorter, Elly Motter, Carter Nelson, Leo Ringler, Christian Sauder, Sierra Schaffer, Austin Smith, McKinnley Snyder, Bre Stepens, James Stuart, Allene Watson, and Maddy Workman.

Following the Greenhand Degrees was the Chapter Degree which is awarded to FFA members at the local level in their second or third year of being an active member in the FFA. The chapter was pleased to announce sixteen members will receive their Chapter Degree which includes: Casper, Alvineda, Molly Ardis, Justin Bond, Anna Chaney, Ervin Fussner, Clayton Hout, Dakota Hamilton, Cody Loughman, Megan McFarland, Leann Pickworth, Cailyn Rogers, Isabella Rose, LaChrisha Sauder, Savanah Stuart, Bre Swank and Alexis Wagner.

Only two percent of all FFA members in Ohio receive the next step in the Degree process, the State Degree. The chapter proudly announced that they will be having ten members receiving the State Degree at the 89th State FFA Convention that consist of: Emma Ardis, Erin Bernhard, Kathy Lehman, Jay Oswalt, Justin Bond, Shane Casper, Kadie Myers, Sarah Stuart, Katlyn Yoho, and Walker Ramsay.

The chapter also announced that they will be adding two names to their growing list of American Degree Recipients. The American Degree is the highest degree attainable of the process and requires an outstanding amount of hard work and dedication to the FFA Organization. The Crestview FFA’s American Degree recipients for the year 2017 is Kelcie Chance and Jenna Purvis.

Following the Degree recipients the chapter announced the Star Greenhand Award. This is awarded to freshmen who are willing and ready to do any task assigned. This years Star Greenhand went to Sierra Schaffer and Elly Motter. Star Chapter Award was followed next, this is awarded to second year ag member who has demonstrated a strong work ethic and has a developed SAE project. This year’s Star Chapter Award went to Savanah Stuart. Outstanding Committee Chair was next on the program. The Outstanding Committee Chair goes to a chairmen who showed excellence in their efforts to complete their committee duties and best represent the Crestview FFA. The Outstanding Committee Chair went to LaCrisha Sauder.

Continuing with the Star Awards was Outstanding Sales. Outstanding sales is awarded to a FFA member who sells the most in Chicken Barbeque and the Fruit Sale. Savanah Stuart was this year's Outstanding sales. Savanah has sold over 1,000 dollars between the Chicken Barbeque and the Fruit Sale. The top four sales people were Jay Oswalt, Sierra Schaffer, Elly Motter and Kathy Lehman.

Next, four seniors were given the Outstanding Junior award. The Outstanding Junior award is awarded to juniors that have gone above and beyond demonstrating hard work and leadership in the FFA program.The juniors awarded were Kathy Lehman, Emma Ardis, Erin Bernhard and Brynn Witmer.

Following the Outstanding Junior Award was Outstanding Senior awards. The six seniors who were awarded Outstanding Senior have demonstrated their ability to “practice brotherhood, honor agricultural opportunities and responsibilities and develop those qualities of leadership,” which every FFA member strives to posses. The seniors awarded were Justin Bond, Shane Casper, Dawson LaFever, Kadie Myers, Sarah Stuart and Katlyn Yoho.

The next set of awards was the Honorary Chapter Degrees. One recipient is Mrs. Marcia Puster. Marcia has worked in the board office as the Assistant Treasurer for over 17 years. She has always been willing to assist the chapter in all of their needs including reports for the treasurer's book, purchase orders for FFA activities. The final recipient was Mr. Rusty Radcliff. Mr. Radcliff has been a teacher and a coach at Crestview for the past 25 years. One of his biggest contributions each year is after the fruit sale fundraiser that the chapter holds, Mr.Radcliff volunteers to help FFA members deliver the extra fruit to the Domestic Violence shelter in Mansfield.

One of the last awards of the night was the Scholarships presented by the Crestview FFA Alumni. The only 2016- 2017 Le Mac Scholarship was awarded to Justin Bond. Next five of our members received the 2016-2017 Alumni Scholarships. The following five members were the recipients of Alumni Scholarships; Sarah Stuart, Kadie Myers, Shane Casper, Dawson LaFever and Katlyn Yoho.

The banquet ended with the installation of the 2017-2018 Crestview FFA Officer Team. The new officers are: Kathy Lehman: President; Emma Ardis: Vice President; Erin: Secretary; Sierra Schaffer: Treasurer; Elly Motter and Sierra May: Reporter;  Molly Ardis: Sentinel; Savanah Stuart: Student Advisor; and Brynn Witmer: Officer at Large.



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