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  Student Leadership  
Chapter Committees:
Growing Leaders - Leadership
  5/4/2018  - State Convention
Students will go Columbus, Ohio to learn leadership and receive awards for students achievements.  
  6/11/2018  - FFA Camp
Members go to Camp Muskingum to develop leadership skills and interact with fellow FFA members across Ohio.
  7/10/2018  - WLC
Chapter members attend Washington Leadership Conference to obtain valuable leadership skills that they can bring back to the Crestview FFA Chapter.
Growing Leaders - Personal Growth
  4/19/2018  - Student Labor Auction
Growing Leaders - Career Success
  2/19/2018  - Livestock Lab

To provide all members the opportunity to gain the experience of raising an animal project along with animal science curriculum under the guidance of an Agriscience teacher.

  3/19/2018  - Livestock Lab
  3/19/2018  - Livestock Lab
Strengthening Agriculture - Chapter Recruitment
  2/10/2018  - 8th Grade Recruitment
We collaborate with the middle school so that the 8th graders come over during their science period. Chapter members will prepare hands on stations for the 8th graders to go through. These stations explain various things that the FFA does. We will also print out a brochure for them to take home and show their parents to encourage them to join the FFA. 
Strengthening Agriculture - Safety
  2/14/2018  - Guest Safety Speaker

Our chapter will find a local business employee that is suited to inform students on proper equipment safety. The speaker will need to be available a date in February to present to students. 

Strengthening Agriculture - Agricultural Literacy
  2/21/2018  - Community Lunch
  5/11/2018  - Food for America
Food for America is an event for all 3rd grade students at Crestview. The overall goal is to educate them about  agriculture, what it is, and how it benefits them. Therefore, advocating agriculture in our community and increasing agricultural awareness in our youth.
Building Communities - Economic Development
Building Communities - Human Resources
  2/12/2018  - Meals of Hope
Host a school wide packing event to fight hunger in our community. 
Building Communities - Citizenship
  3/14/2018  - Community Service Bus Trip
Building Communities - Stakeholder Engagement
  2/20/2018  - Livestock Tagging
To host a day for tagging Richland County Fair animals with the help of Crestview FFA members.
  8/9/2018  - Buyers Lunch
Chapter Officers:
Kathy Lehman
Sierra Schaffer
Sierra May
Elly Motter
Brynn Witmer
2nd Vice President


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